3 Things Employees Need

internal communications strategies

Most organizations are paying far too little attention to their most important audience, their employees—and it is costing them productivity gains and profits. That’s not due to a lack of information in the workplace. In fact, employees are drowning in information. They are confronted with a daily deluge of e-mails, voicemails, memos, meetings, PowerPoint presentations, teleconferences, spreadsheet reports, instructions from supervisors, workplace conversations and the never-ending din of the rumor mill. And as if that weren’t enough, there are formal internal communications including company newsletters, intranets, digital signage, webcasts and corporate videos that also vie for attention.

Plenty of messages are going out—the problem is most of them aren’t getting through to the people who do the work. Employees aren’t being engaged in the organization’s mission and vision. Although they are being drowned in information, they are left thirsting for clarity and purpose.

Employees want a clear understanding of these three things:

  • Where their organizations are trying to go
  • How their organizations are trying to get there
  • What the employee role is in helping their organizations succeed

All internal communication strategies should be filtered through these three fundamental communication needs.

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