Employee Communication vs. Internal Communication

Some prefer “Employee Communication” and some prefer “Internal Communication.” What say you? Take the poll.



Loren Yaskin

about 8 years ago

I actually say both. 'Internal' sounds more official and more appropriate for a title or a team/department, but 'employee' seems more appropriate for the act itselt. 'Employee' also seems to resonate with people more. I see the light bulb go off when I mention 'employee' communication.

Chuck Gose (@chuckgose)

about 8 years ago

I wondered the same thing. Here's how some answered. http://blog.rmgnetworks.com/blog/bid/322856/Which-is-it-internal-communications-or-employee-communications

KC Joyce

about 8 years ago

Actually, I prefer organizational communication - which works no matter who comprises the constituency of an enterprise.

Paul Barton

about 8 years ago

I've always thought of Organizational Communication as being internal and external communications, including employee communication, public relations, shareholder relations, etc.

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