Authentic Brands are Built Inside Out

Brand ChampionsAuthentic brands are built from the inside out and effective employee communication is critical to the process. Brands are authentic when their claims align with actual customer experiences. The interaction between an employee who is a champion of the brand and a customer is often that proof point and effective employee communication is often the difference maker.

Employee communication can transform regular employees into brand champions by:

  1. Clearly articulating what brand behavior looks like and what is expected from employees.
  2. Making brand behavior personally relevant to individual jobs via real life workplace examples.
  3. Modeling, celebrating and recognizing good examples of brand behavior.
  4. Providing employees with key messages that they can use to shape their conversations with customers.
  5. Explaining business strategies to employees so that they understand not only what to do but why they are doing it.

Consistent, multi-layered and ongoing employee communication can create and sustain brand champions and that translates to more sales and bigger profits. But if a brand isn’t authentic with employees on the inside, it’ll never be authentic with customers on the outside. Marketing and advertising create brand promises but employees determine if those promises are kept.

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