Crash Courses in Crisis Communication

crisis communication course

We are living in crazy times — data breaches happen daily, personal scandals rock companies, fires and devastating storm disrupt businesses, and then there’s the pandemic. Al you have to do is hear the morning headlines to know that it’s not a matter of if, but when a crisis will strike your organization. The question for you is simple: will be ready to respond to customers, employees, shareholders, social media influencers, and the news media when the crisis hits your organization?

The time to dig the well is before the drought. Start preparing for the coming crisis right now by taking our Crash Course in Crisis Communication. Whether you are a company leader, spokesperson or public relations professional, you need to know how to respond to a crisis immediately.

Discover how to predict and prepare for a crisis so you can be your best when your company needs you the most. But, you say, what if something happens that you didn’t predict or prepare for? No worries — you’ll also learn a formula for you to develop perfect crisis messages on the fly. The formula follows a three-step process to create messages that resonate with ALL of your key audiences. Even highly experienced public relations experts love this easy to remember formula.

We know that you’re busy. So, we made the course simple but powerful. The entire course can be completed in under 50 minutes, and all for under $50. And, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t love it. So seriously, can you afford to wait any longer?


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