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The Crisis Communication Toolkit

Paul Barton Communications Crisis Communication ToolkitWhen it comes to crisis communication plans, there are two types of businesses: those that have a plan and those that are going to need one.

If you have a plan, make sure it is comprehensive, up-to-date and fully charged for the digital age. If you don’t have one, it’s time to get prepared. Our Crisis Communication Toolkit will help you have a better plan in less time.

Get the tools, templates, and tactics you need to ensure you will be at your best when your organization is facing the worst. The toolkit includes a 29-page instruction guide and a 108-page Word template that walks you through what you need to do to be prepared.

“Your products have been incredibly valuable as we work to enhance the strategic business value my team provides our business.” ~ Ethan Deas, Communication Director, Home Instead Senior Care, Omaha, Neb.

Battle-Tested: The materials in the toolkit were developed and defined by working corporate communication professionals in a variety of industries, facing a wide range of communication challenges.

What You Get

  • Save time and write a better plan using our detailed crisis communication plan template (in MicroSoft Word)
  • Use our proven formula to devise powerful key messages on the fly
  • Discover bridging phrases to get you back on message
  • Save time with our News Conference Statement template
  • Know what to say with our telephone script template
  • Reach employees fast using our employee update template
  • Remember all the details in the heat of the moment using our Press Conference Checklist
  • Address social media use by employees using our Sample Communication Policy
  • Be prepared for the news media by practicing our difficult reporter questions
  • Prioritize correctly with our Risk Assessment Sheet
  • Learn how to use email distribution lists to send text messages to notify your executive and communications teams
  • Monitor social media more effectively using little know but powerful Twitter search tips

Be prepared. Be your best. Take the crisis out of crisis communication. Get your Crisis Communication Toolkit today!

$$$ You decide how much to pay!

Price: $97.00


In the News: Paul was interviewed about crisis communication on the EE Voice podcast a MediaPlatform webinar, and the ICology podcast. He also was interviewed by the popular StaffConnect blog and had a blog reposted in the IABC Communication World Magazine.

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