Internal Communications New Year’s Resolutions








Here are my Internal Communication New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Take a few moments to reflect on 2014 achievements. What were the biggest wins? What did I learn? What was the most fun?
  2. Listen to my clients to understand, not to respond. Learn what my clients are doing and why they are doing it.
  3. Stay in front of projects. Meet regularly with clients to see what projects are on the horizon. Discuss how to help them make the most of opportunities and mitigate looming threats.
  4. Ensure that internal communications are personally relevant and that they provide clear direction, prioritization and context for employees.
  5. Make sure the internal communication portion of all crisis communication plans is up-to-date and make sure to conduct at least one drill to test emergency preparedness.
  6.  Connect the dots for employees. Make sure internal communication projects are aligned with business objectives and organizational vision.
  7. Focus on measurable and meaningful outcomes, not outputs.
  8. Make sure that evaluation and measurement is baked in to all major internal communication projects. Evaluation and measurement must not be an afterthought.
  9. Never stop learning new ways to communicate and never stop improving processes to get the job done more efficiently.
  10. Always remember where you are going and always have fun along the way.

Here’s wishing you a productive and rewarding New Year!

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