How Your Organization Can Become Stronger through a Crisis

Paul Barton Communications Crisis Communication

“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” – Winston Churchill

It isn’t a matter of IF, but WHEN, a crisis will occur at your organization.

During a crisis, organizations are usually primarily concerned about the potential damage to their public image. As a result, many organizations focus their communication externally on the news media and social media channels.

But the employee audience is just as important! They are directly involved in the crisis recovery efforts, and employees serving as brand ambassadors can also affect an organization’s public image. Here’s how effective internal communication during a crisis can have many positive effects:

  • Clear, concise, timely, accurate and consistent employee messaging helps ensure an appropriate and quick response to a crisis, and reduces or eliminates rumors and false information.
  • Saves an organization time and money by helping employees eliminate mistakes and inefficiencies in their recovery efforts.
  • Allows employees to know how well their organization is responding to a crisis, which enhances credibility and trust in the organization.
  • Affects employee perceptions about the organization and thus affects motivation and long-term employee engagement.

Being able to manage a crisis is critical for every organization. By effectively communicating to external and internal audiences, your organization can emerge from a crisis with an even-stronger brand image and even greater commitment from employees.

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Crisis Communication Training: You can learn how to create a comprehensive crisis communication plan in our “Be Your Best When Facing the Worst” workshop.

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