My Favorite Redundancies

These are a few of my favorite redundancies. Feel free to add your own.

(1) Violent explosion
(2) Brutally beaten
(3) Huge mansion
(4) Sprawling esplanade
(5) Private yacht
(6) Exactly the same
(7) General public
(8) Wealthy heiress
(9) Jewish rabbi
(10) Tuna fish
(11) Dead corpse
(12) Killed dead
(13) Totally destroyed
(14) Completely naked
(15) Sexy playmate
(16) Advance planning
(17) 12 noon



about 12 years ago

Tragic death

Chuck Gose

about 12 years ago

What about "brief moment?"

Stephanie Johnson

about 12 years ago

'Totally understand' drives me crazy. Off topic -- this isn't a redundancy (just another pet peeve of mine) -- when someone says, "he was rushed to the hospital by ambulance!" Is someone ever slowly or calmly taken to the hospital by ambulance?

Patricia Gerlach

about 12 years ago

acres of land


about 12 years ago

As a copy editor, I’ve been collecting these gems for years under a file I call the “Department of Redundancy Department.” Here’s a sample of goodies from the many pages I have on file: R&D development new startups global pandemic online blog residential homes help facilitate initial launch suddenly startled close proximity annual anniversary old adage free gift ... and my all-time favorite: night stargazing (Last time I checked, we can gaze at only one star during the day... and it's not recommended!)

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