Quick Internal Communications Tip: Tapping Into Naturally Occurring Business Communications

One of the secrets of effective internal communications is finding out and understanding how the business is communicating with itself already and then figuring out how to tap into those naturally occurring business communication channels with internal communications messaging.

Do a little digging and discover what reports, what meetings, what dashboards, what manuals, what regularly occurring interactions are happening as part of the natural flow of business. Dig a little deeper and find out more about the timing, content and delivery channels of these business communications. How, when and why are employees using these communications?

For instance, is there an opportunity to provide internal communications talking points to managers to use in their weekly staff meetings? In my experience, most managers welcome fresh content that they can personalize and incorporate into the meetings. It positions them as leaders in the know and gives them an opportunity to put corporate key messaging into context for their teams.

Can a hyperlink be inserted from an online report to relevant information on the intranet? This could serve to add context and relevance to the numbers and show how they relate to overall company business strategies.

Are there lessons to be learned from content that is considered crucial to the business that you can incorporate into internal communications channels?

Discovering exactly what communications make your business tick just might be the key to creating compelling content that is irresistible to your internal communications audience. It will take some digging but it will be worth the effort.


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