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ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE and being able to present yourself with presence and poise is often the ticket to success in your personal and professional life. That’s why we created this new workshop series — to help you discover how to speak up and stand out in public speaking, presentations, meetings and interpersonal situations.

“One issue I’ve always had is speaking about myself, and one tool Paul taught us today is how to introduce ourselves. Speak Up and Stand Out, is a very beneficial course for anyone who’s interested in learning how to speak in a public arena.” ~ Kathy Jefferson, Consultant

These workshops are interactive. You’ll be out of your chair and on your feet for much of these entertaining and fun workshops. Experience real-time coaching and role-playing scenarios to help you become a more effective presenter.

Discover how to:

  • Deliver persuasive presentations that turn heads and win hearts
  • Introduce yourself and make a great first impression
  • Use storytelling techniques to make a lasting impact
  • Network effectively and be remembered
  • Collaborate more effectively with co-workers and clients using active listening skills

“I learned a lot of skills today—from listening to public speaking—that I know that I can use both in a personal setting but also in a business setting as well.” ~ Lita Madlang, Communications Specialist

Outcomes you can expect:

  • Acquire greater self-confidence
  • Find your voice and expand your comfort zone
  • Overcome nervous jitters and own the room
  • Learn how to stand and deliver with presence and poise
  • Increase interpersonal skills
  • Receive easy-to-remember tips, tricks and powerful formulas to tackle real world situations

“I am so thankful for Paul Barton who made public speaking seem so easy and made us feel so confident and comfortable during the entire process.” ~ Lexie Lincoln, Occupational Therapist

These workshops are ideal for:

  • Professionals seeking to accelerate their careers by being more effective presenters
  • People serving on social committees, HOA boards, councils or church groups
  • Students getting ready to join the workforce
  • Anyone who wants to put public speaking fear in their rear-view mirror on the road to greater success

 Imagine being able to present with poise and presence to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Say yes to speaking success!

NOTE: We’ve carved out the public speaking part of our business into our new website, Phoenix Public Speaking. We offer workshops and personal coaching sessions.


Custom Workshops & Personal Coaching

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“Paul put me through his crash course and I was able to, in a matter of a few days, get in front of 250 people, say what I needed to say with confidence, and I can’t thank him enough. The tools that he gave me put me way over the top, and I’m just thrilled.” ~ Tom Duenkel, Service and Parts Director

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About the Workshop Presenter: Paul Barton, ABC, is a frequent speaker and workshop presenter on a variety of business communication topics. He is also a top-rated instructor who teaches public speaking and business communication courses at Brown Mackie College and the Art Institute in Phoenix. He was the featured speaker for Brown Mackie’s 2015 commencement ceremony. During his 20-year career in corporate communications at six large companies, Paul wrote speeches for CEOs, Board Chairs and even renowned actor John Cleese. Paul looks forward to helping you to achieve greater success as a presenter!