Talking Employee Experience with Shel Holz

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I was fortunate enough to make a return appearance on Shel Holtz’s popular For Immediate Release (FIR) Podcast. Shel and I discussed a recent article in Forbes magazine on the fascinating topic of Employee Experience. The article asserts that the new focus for organizations is not Customer Experience but Employee Experience as employers vie to attract and retain top talent.

Employee Experience involves designing and delivering distinctive experiences for employees that are aligned with your desired culture.

I’ve discussed this idea from a slightly different angle for years by suggesting that an organization’s do must match its say or it will have a credibility problem. The do includes everything from interior design to policies and procedures, and, perhaps most importantly, the “unwritten rules” that every organization has.

In the interview, I suggested that it is the responsibility of strategic internal communications professionals to advise an organization’s leadership when internal messages are not aligned with employee experience. The wider that gap is, the less effective the messages will be.

The FIR podcast has been running for years and is one of the top PR and corporate communications podcasts in the world. You can my interview with Shel right hear.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the importance of Employee Experience in your organization.

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