The 6 Cs of Internal Communications

Employees need the “Six Cs” of communication to do their jobs efficiently. They need communication that is:

  1. Clear to avoid confusion.
  2. Concise because we don’t have time for long messages.
  3. Consistent so it doesn’t conflict with other messaging and destroy credibility.
  4. Coordinated so it doesn’t get lost with other messages.
  5. Credible because if we don’t trust, we don’t believe.
  6. Compelling so we pay attention in the first place.

These six goals make up the foundation of great internal communications.

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Chuck Gose

about 4 years ago



about 4 years ago

Cadanced...there has to be a regularity and timeliness to messaging. Agree with the person who suggested "creative," as well.


about 4 years ago

I'd like to add an R: Relevant. Essential in this time of quantitative abundance.

Annabel Dusntan

about 4 years ago

I would add C for Curiosity. To be an effective IC you need to ask the right questions of the right people to really get under the skin of an organisation.

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