Finally: How to Get Through to Employees

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Employees today are drowning in information but thirsting for clarity and purpose. With the right internal communications strategies and best practices, you can create a highly effective internal communications program and engage employees in your organization’s success.

This book shows you how to:

  • Create tools to stay on time, on budget and on brand.
  • Choose the right communication channels to reach and engage employees.
  • Craft strategic communication plans that produce results that matter.
  • Find an authentic and credible organizational tone that inspires employees.
  • Promote employee benefits so offerings are used appropriately and valued highly.
  • Use effective crisis communications so your organization recovers quickly.
  • Lead successful initiatives to ensure change is adopted quickly.
  • Evaluate your communication efforts and measure employee engagement.

Here’s how the book helped one reader:

“I was struggling with an assignment to develop a communication strategy for a business transformation project so I decided yesterday to get some reference materials and I ordered your book online. Well, I could not put it down and I just completed it! I feel like the lights have been turned on and I can’t wait to begin developing my communication strategy as I now have the tools that you provided to get it done. What a great resource. Thank you! Thank you so much!” ~ Sharon Williams, Waldorf, Md.

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If you are an internal communications, HR, PR or business communication professional, let this book show you how to turn heads, win hearts, engage employees and get results. Start reading and start maximizing your internal communications today!

Attention IABC members: This book offers the potential to earn 5 points toward maintaining Communication Management Professional (CMP) certification.

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