The Many Hats of Internal Communications

When I posted my 21 Internal Communications Quotations on Slideshare, I almost didn’t include the slide above. I was concerned that it was too wordy, but I went ahead with it anyway because I liked how it reflected so much of what we do day in and day out as internal communications professionals. It appears that my rationale was correct. Slideshare provides some great analytics and this slide was the most clipped one of the entire bunch. It seems to ring true for so many. How about you? Is this your job description?

What are Your Top Internal Communications Challenges?

We’re currently conducting a short survey to quantify the challenges internal communications professionals face. Being mired in tactics and overwhelmed with work are among the challenges many internal communication professionals face. What are your biggest concerns? What are your top priorities? If you haven’t done so already, please take our quick survey.

Book Passage

Meanwhile, here’s the full passage from Maximizing Internal Communication where the above quote is derived:

Some of you may think that maximizing internal communication in your organization is too difficult. You may be thinking, “I’m already buried in work and I don’t have time to do anything else.” Or you may be thinking, “Our plate is full and we don’t have the staff or the budget to undertake some grandiose new plan.”

Having spent nearly 20 years in corporate communications with five large companies, I understand the doubts and fears you are having. I know the frustration of having too much work, not enough support and never enough time. I know that working “a half day” means putting in 12 hours, and I know what it is like to live by the motto: “Don’t stop to think or you’ll miss the deadline.” Sometimes you have teammates, but they’re usually too busy doing their own thing to help you. Internal communication is seldom allotted anything more than a shoestring budget. Everyone in your organization thinks he or she is a communicator. And everyone wants everything yesterday.

On any given day, you could be called upon to serve as a management consultant, editor, writer, event organizer, executive speechwriter, PowerPoint guru, photographer, graphic designer, intranet content manager, or podcast interviewer. You wear many hats, but firefighter seems to be the one you wear the most as you go from extinguishing one burning issue after another. You’ve become very adept at juggling projects, but the priorities keep changing. You come to work with the intention of doing one thing and get pulled in an entirely different direction before lunch. You’re so busy, so frustrated and so overwhelmed that sometimes you don’t know where to start.

It is not easy and it does take time, but you can turn your internal communication function around, get headed in the right direction and, eventually, maximize your internal communication.

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This internal communications quote and accompanying passage was taken from our book, Maximizing Internal Communication: Strategies to Turn Heads, Win Hearts, Engage Employees and Get Results, available on Amazon or right here on our website.

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