To Pee or Not to Pee – Is that Really a Question?

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To pee or not to pee — is that really a question? Apparently, for many corporate denizens who find themselves going from meeting to meeting all day long, it is a serious question.

I heard a business podcast recently and the guest said that corporate employees were forcing themselves to drink less water and dehydrating themselves in the process. Why would they do that? So they wouldn’t have to use the restroom so often. Why wouldn’t they want to use the restroom? Because they’ll be late to their next meeting.

People who book meetings on digital calendars already find it very difficult to find open spots to book meetings. Allowing time to transition from one meeting to the next is next to impossible.

I asked some of my corporate communications and internal communications clients if this was true for them. To my surprise, it is.

During my 20-year corporate communications career, I certainly remember doing most of my work after 6 p.m. because I was in meetings all day long. Often, I had to make the decision whether to use the restroom and be late to a meeting or skip it.

How about you? Are you skipping the restroom? Are you dehydrating yourself? Have you found a solution to the wall-to-wall meeting dilemma? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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