Top Internal Communications Challenges (Part 2)

internal communications top challenges

You’re busy, overwhelmed and often undervalued. That was the general sentiment expressed by respondents to our recent Top Internal Communications Challenges Survey. For part 2 of our survey, we asked clients, subscribers and other internal communications professionals to tell us: (1) what are your top two internal communications challenges and (2) what two questions they would like Paul Barton Communications to answer.


What You Want

You want case studies and best practices to guide you. You want to know the best value-adding tools you can use to communicate more effectively. You want to know how to measure your efforts more effectively and you want to show your senior leadership team the value internal communications brings to your organization.

You are strapped for resources. You need more staff, a bigger budget, and more time to do your jobs. You are faced with many competing priorities and lots of communication clutter. Your demands far exceed your allotted time. You are mired in tactics in a world that is crying out for strategy.


What You Said

Here are some of the specific comments from the survey:

  • “(We are) seen as a job for women/pseudo secretarial.”
  • “We’re constantly preparing content for our channels; there’s no time for planning an overarching strategic approach.”
  • “There’s no denying business email is on the increase, but people wish it would go away. It’s an important channel but how can we maximize its impact whilst minimizing noise and clutter.”
  • “(Our challenge is) overloading employees with ‘key messages.'”
  • “How can we empower stakeholders to participate in their own IC strategies?”
  • “How do we demonstrate to leadership the value of internal communications?”
  • “What are best online platforms for employee advocacy.”
  • “How do you reach employees with no access to technology?”
  • “The business need to realize we do more than writing emails.”
  • “Proving the value of Internal Communications to the bottom line.”
  • “(Our challenge is) aligning employees with the corporate strategy.”


Going Forward

Many thanks to all those who took the time to take our survey! We’ll use the information you provided to guide future blog posts, workshops, and resources that we hope will help you tackle some of those challenges. We’ll look for enlightening case studies, innovative products, and fresh ideas that you can use. In the meantime, hang in there! You do important work that adds value to your organizations and you enrich the lives of employees. It is a noble cause in which you are engaged. You can be slowed but your resolve must not be stopped.


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