Want to buy a used book — for $744.44?

Paul Barton Communications internal communications book


I was doing a vanity search on my book recently and came across this — you can buy a used version of Maximizing Internal Communication for just $744.44. The No. 1 book on internal communications retails brand new for only $34.95 but, if you’d like to spend an additional $709.49 for a used version, you can at GlassFrogBooks. There also is a $34.94 used version for those shoppers seeking to save 1 cent from the new book price.

I know there are some interesting pricing strategies on Amazon. For instance, some authors lower the price of their Amazon Kindle eBooks to free for a couple of weeks to boost “sales.” This can propel the eBook to the top of its category and once it has risen to the top, the authors restore the original price. I’m guessing there is some sort of gamesmanship going on with a $744.44 book as well but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is.

If you have ideas regarding this bizarre pricing strategy, please share them with me. But whatever you do, please don’t buy a $744.44 book. Rest assured, you can always purchase my book for just $34.95 right here on this website or on Amazon.



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