What Is Internal Communications Nirvana?

Internal communicators are eternally seeking more enlightened communication strategies that yield more meaningful results. Achieving the highest state of strategic enlightenment and the highest level of meaningful results would indeed be internal communications nirvana.

So what does an organization that has achieved internal communications nirvana look like? Such an organization has well-informed and deeply passionate employees. Business information is shared freely through highly efficient communication channels and well-designed networks. Open and honest conversations permeate the entire organization. Meaningful feedback mechanisms are embedded in all communication processes. There’s a high degree of trust between the organization’s leaders and its employees. What the organization says it does aligns exactly with what is actually does. Leaders and employees believe in each other. Employees are actively engaged in the success of the organization. At all levels of the organization, employees are more concerned with “we” than “me.” Employees understand where the organization is trying to go, how it’s trying to get there and what their personal role is in helping it to succeed. Communications are clear, concise, consistent, coordinated and compelling.

The internal communications professionals in such an organization have rigorous processes and robust tools that enable them to do their jobs flawlessly. These processes and tools provide a solid foundation upon which to build enlightened strategic communication plans. The communicators forge innovative plans that achieve a balance between art and science. Everything they create is aligned with the organization’s business objectives and is in support of its vision. They are effective strategic communicators and they are trusted executive counselors. They are well-prepared for inevitable crisis and they are masters at communicating change. Their enlightened strategies deliver meaningful results. They focus on outcomes not outputs and they seek continuous improvement. They are highly valued by their organizations, and they are resourced and positioned appropriately.

An organization that has achieved internal communications nirvana is a great place where great people do great things. The organization performs well financially because it communicates well naturally.

What qualities would you add? What organizations do you think come the closest to having Employee Communication Nirvana?

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