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Maximizing Internal Communication

“When I am asked by those just getting started in IC where to go for good information about this dynamic field, this is the first book that I recommend. Paul’s writing style is very accessible and every internal communications practitioner can benefit from his more than two decades of experience at some of the most (in my opinion) interesting companies in the world.”
~ Jeff Zwier, Change Management and Internal Communications consultant


“Paul Barton has been recognized as an internal communication thought leader by communication professionals in IC Kollectif Top IC Thought Leaders. He is genuinely one who walks the talk and his book, Maximising Internal Communication, will guide you, step by step, in doing exactly what it promises — help you create strategies that turn heads, win hearts, engage employees and get results. I highly recommend this book to any communication professional who values a strategic approach to internal communication and who truly wants to connect the dots between employees and the goals of the organization to make a real impact.”
~ Lise Michaud, Founder of IC Kollectiff


“Paul Barton’s book lives up to its name on every front. From Identifying and selecting the best communication channels, to the nexus between employee communication and corporate branding, Paul manages to uniquely distill, enumerate, and package vital internal communications practices into everyday, plug-and-play language. I’ve found Paul’s approach both enjoyable and irreplaceable for my upper-level Corporate Communication course. My students benefit from a comprehensive, yet easily-understood real-world playbook that translates into key lessons that are highly applicable to their marketing, branding, public relations, corporate communication, and advertising courses as well.”
~ Alexandra M. Vilela, Ph.D., Associate Professor, James Madison University


“I read this book right out of college and it helped me so much while starting my career in Internal Communications. After reading, I felt confident that I could dive into my work and produce quality communications and plan initiatives strategically for my clients.”
~Ashley Brevik, Corporate Communications Specialist, The Apollo Group


“Whether you are a new practitioner or a seasoned professional, Maximizing Internal Communication deserves a place in your library. Paul Barton offers real-time, real-life expertise for those working in the field. His book has become my go-to guide for managing the communication function, regardless of size, shape, or scope.”
~Michael Demone, Communication Lead, Xerox Research Centre of Canada


This is wonderful! We found your book extremely helpful in guiding a conversation we are having with our senior leader about how we can prove our value to the organization. And the templates are great as well. Thank you!”
~ Erin C. James, Philadelphia


Paul, currently in the process of reading your book on my Kindle app. Highlighting like crazy — so much good stuff that reinforces and builds upon what I think about communication (with no “s”). Great read!”
~ Casey Nishimura, Corporate Communications Manager, Servco Pacific Inc. Honolulu


“I was struggling with an assignment to develop a communication strategy for a business transformation project so I decided yesterday to get some reference materials and I ordered your book online. Well, I could not put it down and I just completed it! I feel like the lights have been turned on and I can’t wait to begin developing my communication strategy as I now have the tools that you provided to get it done. What a great resource. Thank you! Thank you so much!”
~ Sharon Williams, Waldorf, Maryland


“I purchased your book on iBooks recently. I’ve come to the closing chapters and it was incredible! Now I want to buy a hardcopy.”
~Peta Edmonds, New Zealand


“Paul Barton’s book is a ‘must have’ for every communication professional’s library, and his template for internal communications proposals is a vital companion. Whether you’re applying his communication tips or hitting the ground running on a proposal project, his guidance will help your words and your work resonate with both your target audiences and your superiors. Get these tools in your toolbelt now.”

~Judy McSweeney, Communications Executive, San Diego, California


“Paul provides a roadmap for creating an internal communication program.”
~C.A. Hawk, Peoria, Arizona


“This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to use the vast power of effective employee communications to drive organizational success.”
~Denny Guge, Phoenix, Arizona


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