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LET’S WORK TOGETHER to create cost-effective and powerful internal communication solutions that boost employee engagement and grow your business from the inside out. Paul combines innovative strategies and proven practices from decades of experience in multiple industries, and works with his clients to achieve amazing results.

Contact us for a complimentary 30-minute consultation if you:

  • Need to find out what your organization is doing well and where it needs to improve to more fully engage employees. We find out what’s going on through surveys and then dig deeper to determine why through focus groups. You’ll receive a detailed report and recommendations for improvement.
  • Need fresh employee communication ideas, or expertise and support for a specific project or internal communication campaign. Sometimes you need another head and sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands. Whatever your needs, we can help.
  • Are implementing a major internal initiative and need all your employees to get on board and adopt change quickly.
  • Are conducting an internal branding campaign and want to cultivate and motivate an army of employee brand advocates.
  • Are looking for new communication approaches to increase employee benefit utilization and ensure offerings are highly valued by your employees.
  • Need to prepare a crisis communication plan so your employees can help your organization recover as fully and quickly as possible.
  • Want to use social media and new communication technologies to reach and engage employees in unique and relevant ways
  • Want to become a more effective presenter and a great business partner with your internal clients.


Our specialties:

  • Strategic Internal Communication Planning
  • Engagement Surveys and Focus Groups
  • Employee Benefits Communication
  • Internal Branding
  • ChangeManagement
  • Crisis Communication Preparedness
  • Social Media and Digital Communication Technologies
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training

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No job is too small or too big for Paul Barton Communications LLC. In addition to Paul’s vast expertise, we have a wide network of photographers, video experts, graphic designers, meeting planners and other specialists we can partner with to tackle the unique needs of any communication project.

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