Write a Better Plan in Less Time!

Crafting the Perfect Internal Communication Strategic Plan is a detailed step-by-step guide that provides you everything you need to know to put together the perfect comm plan. The 89-page communication toolkit includes:

  • Analyzing the situation
  • Determining appropriate audiences and channels
  • Setting goals and organizational objectives
  • Crafting audience-specific key messages
  • Devising innovative strategies and cost-effective tactics that drive business results
  • Creating a budget, a timeline and an action plan
  • Putting together an evaluation plan

Created by Working Professionals. The approach used in this guide was created by corporate communication professionals in a wide variety of industries facing a range of internal communication challenges including large-scale change plans, internal branding initiatives, company-wide events, organizational restructurings, employee layoffs, leadership changes, mergers, acquisitions, health threats and major production disruptions.

“I can’t wait to begin developing my communication strategy as I now have the tools that you provided to get it done. What a great resource. Thank you! Thank you so much!” ~ Sharon Williams, Waldorf, Md.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! You’ll also receive:

  • A completed comm plan that you can use as an example
  • A Microsoft Word template that you can use to create your own plan
  • An example strategic communication channel matrix
  • Powerful key messages on change you can adapt for your own plans
  • An adaptable crisis communication message map

This internal communications strategy template is battle-tested and available for immediate download!

Price: $39.00


Digital Combo Pack: Get Crafting the Perfect Internal Communication Strategic Plan PLUS the PDF version of Maximizing Internal Communication: Strategies to Turn Heads, Win Hearts, Engage Employees and Get Results.

Price: $44.00